The beauty plan: the best beauty tips for beautiful skin and hair

beauty tips

Whoever wants to be beautiful doesn’t have to suffer. Fortunately that is over. But the right beauty tips at the right time help us look beautiful and well-groomed all year round. Here we reveal to you what you can do for your beauty, day after day, week after week and every month. The magic word is regularity. Because only those who stick to the beauty plan exactly will benefit from the care routine. 

Daily grooming routine: We should do it for ourselves every day

Beautiful smile with brushed teeth 

All good things come in two – at least in the case of oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth every morning and evening is a must. It is best to use dental floss beforehand to clean the gaps. Because then we have a good laugh – and the dentist is happy too. 

Best Beauty tips :- Cleanse the face and apply lotion 

The essential thing for beautiful skin: wash your face in the morning and evening. This is the only way to thoroughly remove make-up, cream residues or dirt particles and dust. After using cleansing milk or cleansing gel, a cotton swab soaked in facial toner picks up the last residue. And then it’s time to apply lotion to the skin. During the day, please use a skin care product with light protection to protect the skin from UV rays, which accelerate the aging process. In the evening, a night cream helps the skin to regenerate and not only lets us wake up in the morning relaxed, but also well cared for.

Brush styling residue off your hair

Today it doesn’t have to be 100 brush strokes like in grandmother’s time, but we should thoroughly brush off residues from styling products such as hairspray, wax or gel every evening. Otherwise the hair can become tangled or sticky the next day and in the worst case even break off. 

Always take care of your hair after each wash

Very important: Use a conditioner after every (!) Hair wash. It’s really quick: simply distribute the extra care product in your hair, then comb through the lengths and tips with your fingers and then rinse well. After that, even the most unruly heads can be styled without any problems. 

Shave for more legroom 

Whether on the legs or under the arms – we should remove annoying stubble hairs every day . If you want to save time, you can also epilate the hairs, in which case the skin remains smooth and tender for up to six weeks. 

Best Beauty Tips :- Pamper your body with rich care 

To replenish the moisture deposits, apply cream to the skin after every shower or bath.

Weekly beauty tips: ideal once, twice or more times a week

Small rub for soft skin 

A pale complexion will shine brightly and rosy again after a gentle peeling. The reason: Loose skin cells are removed and blood circulation is stimulated. The active ingredients of the subsequent care can also be better absorbed. Of course, this also applies to body peeling. 

Full pack for skin and hair 

Put on your mask! And preferably once a week. Tip: plan a Saturday or a Sunday for this. Put the special care in the hair and also apply a mask on the face. And then best to put it in the bathtub. The warm water vapor ensures that the ingredients can penetrate even better.

Well-groomed down to the fingertips

Beautiful hands speak volumes. For this reason, we not only apply cream after every wash, but also do a manicure every week, during which the nails are filed into shape. The cuticles are also nourished with oil and gently pushed back with a rosewood stick. Finally, the nails can then be painted as desired.

Shaped brows enlarge the eyes 

Full, bushy brows are all the rage now. So that they don’t “press” on the eye, pull out outlier hairs with tweezers every few days. Tip: it is best to let the beautician shape it once and then touch it up yourself.

Monthly beauty plan: We treat ourselves every four weeks

Individual treatment by the beautician

Facial cleansing, peeling and mask are one thing, thorough cleansing is another. The beautician removes blackheads every four to eight weeks and removes impurities from the skin. After a thorough analysis, it can also tell you what skin care ingredients your skin really needs.

Refresh your haircut and hair color 

Anyone who has gray hair for the first time and tints, dyes or highlights it knows that the outgrowth has to be colored regularly. Every four to six weeks, depending on how fast the hair grows. The ends of the hair should also be cut every six to eight weeks so that split ends don’t stand a chance.

Bringing toenails into shape

Fortunately, they don’t grow as fast as our fingernails. It is therefore sufficient to trim your toenails every four to six weeks. Important: Cut straight with a nail clipper so that nothing grows in. Smooth the nails with the help of a file and round them off slightly – and paint them as desired.

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