Swollen face in the morning: this will help

Swollen face

Swollen face in the morning :-

Sometimes we wake up in the morning with a completely puffy face. Often you don’t even know why you suddenly look so wrinkled. We explain possible causes and give you first aid tips for a puffy face

5 reasons for a puffy face in the morning

Eaten too much salt: Was your meal heavily salted the night before? This can be a reason for a swollen face, because salt binds water in the body, causing it to accumulate between the cells.

Drinking too much : In fact, water retention can occur if you drink too much water in the evening. Drinking a lot is healthy, but it should be spread throughout the day. If you eat large amounts in the evening, you run the risk of the liquid being more difficult to evacuate due to your sleeping position and accumulating in different parts of the body, such as the face. This is particularly true for those who sleep on their stomach, as the return flow of the fluid is more difficult than with those who sleep on their backs or sides.

Hormone fluctuations: Especially the time before and after the period leads to water retention in many women, including in the face. Therefore try to drink a lot throughout the day and to reduce salt in your food. Asparagus, pineapple, nettle and mate tea have a dehydrating effect and stimulate kidney activity.

Allergies : Whether hay fever , house dust or animal hair allergy : There are many reasons for a swollen face due to allergies. Initially, for example, cooling wipes or a cold pack can provide relief. A visit to the doctor will help clarify which allergy you have. Nasal sprays, eye drops and antiallergic drugs can alleviate the symptoms.

Lack of exercise : This can actually be a reason for a puffy face in the morning. Water retention can occur due to the lack of exercise, as this causes the fluid to accumulate in the body and be more difficult to remove. 
Tip: Take a lap around the block or do a little workout. Sweating is a great solution to getting rid of water retention, among other things.

4 instant help tips for a puffy face in the morning

Cold: Put two teaspoons in the freezer for 10 minutes, then place the spoons under your eyes. Alternatively, wash your face with ice cold water.

Caffeine: Put on a face mask with caffeine. This promotes blood circulation and tightens the skin.

Massages: A small massage stimulates blood circulation. This loosens the lymphatic blockage and the accumulations of fluid disappear in no time.

Jade roller: Get a jade roller and always keep it in the refrigerator. A massage with it stimulates the blood circulation and has a wonderfully cooling effect. 

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