Skin care: Dry skin needs moisture

Dry skin

It is the protective coat against sun rays, pollutants and germs. With the right skin care product for dry skin, it won’t crack or become brittle!

Healthy skin is smooth, tender and rosy . Normally, our sebum and sweat glands constantly produce a mixture of water and fat that keeps the skin supple . This is the so-called lipid layer. If the sebum glands no longer release enough fat and the moisture regulation is disturbed, dry skin results. It looks dull and rough, tense and has red, flaky spots. In five million Germans, the skin disease neurodermatitis is behind these symptoms.

Red spots and itching

Dry skin is much more susceptible to bacteria and pollutants than healthy skin. It has scaly patches , may redden and begin to itch. In extreme cases, it can lead to so-called dehydration eczema: The skin tears and becomes inflamed. If the affected person scratches, it also causes tiny wounds that can become infected by invading bacteria. The result: the skin becomes more and more irritated and painful. Dry skin is particularly common on the face . But the calves, shins, feet, hands, elbows and forearms can also be affected. An effective skin care for dry skin must always be based on moisture , so drying out can not only take place.

Weather, stress and clothing

The causes are varied: cold, wind, sun – but the wrong skin care can also cause dry skin. Excessive washing and vigorous rubbing also attack them, and degreasing washing gels make the problem even worse. She also does not particularly tolerate frequent peelings, as this makes the horny layer thinner. Fragrances and preservatives in cosmetics are also irritating, as are scratchy wool and synthetics. The atopic dermatitis triggers are still not entirely clear, but experts suspect an interplay between genetic predisposition and environmental factors.

Dry Skin care: What helps against dry skin?

Do not shower or bathe too hot or too long, as this also stresses dry skin. It helps to take soap-free, pH skin-neutral shower gel . And: dry skin and diet are also related. Drink at least 1.5 liters a day , preferably water or herbal tea, as this supplies the skin with moisture from the inside. Do not use textiles that irritate the skin, such as wool. The right skin care for dry skin is also important: It should be pH neutral, moisturize, soothe and protect the skin.

Dry Skin care: These ingredients help

A new natural cosmetics series with healing earth (Lujvos med, in pharmacies) includes an acute serum for very dry skin, a body lotion and a washing and shower lotion. The effectiveness and tolerability were rated “very good” by the independent Demarest institute. Ingredients are the blue globe flower, meadowfoam oil and black cumin oil.

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