Removing Calluses: The Best Home Remedies for Soft Feet


Show your feet – or not? In any case, nobody wants to see ugly calluses in the open shoe season. Our SOS tips on how to remove calluses quickly but gently with these home remedies!

How to remove calluses in a gentle way

Soaking in a salt bath

Calluses can be easily removed mechanically if you first soak your feet in a foot bath. To do this, you take warm water and add around 50 grams of sea salt. You should soak your feet in a salt bath for at least 15 minutes, heavily calloused feet need correspondingly longer. After drying, you can use a pumice stone, plane or file, for example. Important to know:  Callus is a natural protection for our feet, so do not remove too much of it! With normal cornification, a caring foot cream is usually sufficient, which is best applied in the evening and left on overnight – the result can be seen the next morning.

If it has to be done quickly, you can also go over the keratinized areas with an electric callus removal device, for example with the Amazon bestseller from My carbon – it can be done in no time !

Peeling with avocado

Even peelings you have touched, such as this avocado peeling, are gentler than planes and the like. Before doing this, you should soak the feet as already described:

Application: Mix three tablespoons of avocado and three tablespoons of salt to a homogeneous mass – then apply the peeling in circular movements and leave it on for around 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse off the peeling under warm water. You will see that the feet are wonderfully soft – the avocado with its valuable oils provides that extra portion of care! Depending on your needs, you can use the peeling several times a week. Tip: Instead of salt, you can also use coarser healing earth or even sand from the beach – the latter does not cost you anything!

The bestselling foot mask from Sommer Foot with nourishing urea and cucumber extract also promises great results – the feet peel off by themselves after a few days and are then soft to the touch .

Prevention with regular anti-sweat baths

Sweaty feet and little fresh air are the perfect conditions for calluses. Uncomfortable and unsuitable shoes also cause calluses. If you sweat heavily on your feet, you can prevent this with a soothing sage bath. To do this, pour one liter of boiling water over 50 to 60 grams of sage leaves and let it steep for about 15 minutes. Let the sage water cool, strain and transfer to a bowl. The foot should be completely covered – otherwise, depending on the container, simply prepare two or three liters. 

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