Natural Blush And Bronzer

Natural Blush

Spring has started and summer is approaching. Do you like having some color in your face and want it to look like a natural and healthy glow? Do you also like cake? Then you will certainly not forget these make up tips! In this blog post I describe step by step how to apply a beautiful natural blush & bronzer.

Delicious, who doesn’t like a piece of cake every now and then? The nice thing is, if you keep the idea of ​​a cake in your head, you will never forget the following make up tips. A cake is often made up of layers and in fact you do that with make up too. That can literally be layer on layer on your face, for example after a natural day cream, you apply a basic make up cream, or a primer and then a natural foundation. But stacked layers can also shape your face. The following steps are required for this:

1. Sunkissed skin: natural matte bronzer

Just below the bone of your cheekbone, on the soft part, apply a matte bronzer. This creates depth in your face and makes the cheekbone that is above it even more prominent. You take a blush brush or a kabuki brush for this. You press this together between your fingers so that you can place a powerful strip of bronzer on your cheek from the outside to the inside. If you find that you have used a little too much bronzer, you can easily reduce this by gently rubbing back and forth with a tissue wrapped tightly around your fingers.

After you apply the bronzer, make sure your brush stops emitting color. You do this by rubbing your brush on a tissue. Then make gentle rotating movements around the applied bronzer with the brush to create a softer glow on your cheek. You understand him this is the cake base or the bottom part of the cake.

Do you want to go one step further and really want to shape your face? This is also called shaping. Then with a large powder brush you could apply some matte bronzer diagonally upwards to the hairline, on the nose bridge and below the jawline. This subtle effect provides a sunkissed look and at the same time provides even more shadow and depth in the face.

2. Fresh complexion: natural matte blush

Then continue with the pie construction. The second layer of the cake is the pink strawberry or raspberry layer or the matte pink blush. The fresh pink blush is applied directly above the bronzer on the cheekbone.

You do this again by drawing a spicy line with your squeezed blush brush or kabuki. Then you clean your brush again with a tissue. You are going to mix the area around the blush nicely, or blend with each other. Make sure that clear color shades are still visible, but without harsh lines and that everything is a nice and soft whole.

3. Sparkling finish: natural highlighter

Last but not least, the top layer of the cake, the icing, the whipped cream and in this case the vanilla ice cream. You create the third layer by applying a matte lightening complexion or a glossy highlighter. You apply this subtly and only to a small area, above the blush and the cheekbone, just below the outer corner of the eye.

You can also apply this highlighter on both sides of the bridge of the nose, on the inner sides of the eyes and also apply a touch under the eyebrow on the bone.

Voilà! And that’s how you added structure to the face. The lighter parts come out and the dark parts form a shadow and are thus deeper in the face.

4. The Christmas on the cake: natural lipstick & lip gloss

Finally, you can add a fourth step: a touch of lip gloss or lipstick as a finish touch. Choose a color that makes you happy and that makes you feel radiant. If your eyes are a bit heavier or more colorful, then a nude color lip gloss in the color of your lips or a matte, soft color lipstick is beautiful. If you have applied a light eye make-up, a pink or red lipstick or lip gloss gives a refreshing look.

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