Make up eyes: Instructions for each eye color


More freshness, more charisma – if you know the tricks, you can really conjure up with eye shadow and eyeliner. Which eye make-up goes well with brown or green eyes and which colors make blue eyes shine, we reveal the make-up tips of the experts on the subject of eye make-up. In addition: How to make up drooping eyelids correctly!

Make-up your eyes properly: Make-up tips for every eye color

Tired, pale or not well rested? It doesn’t have to be. Make-up artists know : With the right eye shadow and the perfect instructions for applying make-up , great effects can be achieved and you can distract attention from small flaws. This is about applying make-up to your eyes and making your own eye color shine. And how do the professionals do it? By using the complementary colors and also digging a little deeper into the cosmetic bag of tricks. We reveal the secrets of the makeup professionals. Because to look great, you don’t always need extra training – with the right eye make-up instructions, you can too!

Let blue eyes shine

At work, blue-eyed people best use natural nuances such as rose, beige or brown for eye make-up. Women with this eye color look elegant with eyeshadows in gray and silver , whereas they should keep their hands off light blue or green – it quickly looks bland. If you want something more for an evening or an event, bronze and copper nuances give more expression. The very brave choose a shimmering orange. With the contrasting color you can make blue eyes shine. 

If you rely on eyeshadow palettes, here are our instructions for making up your eyes:

  1. The lightest shade comes on the movable lid and under the eyebrow.
  2. A darker variant is applied in the crease of the eyelid
  3. The darkest shade is applied around the eye.
  4. And: always blend well.

Make up gray eyes 

Blue-gray eyes can be made up particularly well, because this eye color is very flexible. In everyday life, silver and rose set great accents and make the gaze appear more alert. But they are reserved enough not to steal the show with a more flashy lipstick color. For the perfect look, you put gray eyes with shimmering reddish brown in the limelight. Blue in all shades as well as lilac and plum tones bring out the color of the pupil beautifully. Here is a well-rated blue eyeshadow. Beware of gold tones! This can quickly make the view look blurred. 

Here are our make-up tips for gray eyes:

  1. First distribute the lightest shade of eyeshadow from the nose to the eyebrow. 
  2. Apply a slightly darker shade to the movable lid and into the crease of the lid. Blend well.
  3. Now blend the darkest shade from the outer corner of the eye along the crease with the middle shade.
  4. Also apply the dark shade close to the lower lash line and connect it to the outer corner of the eye.

Makeup for green eyes

Purple and violet tones in all color gradations are wonderful as make-up for green eyes during the day. Blue or turquoise, on the other hand, are not the right choice here. Gold is the perfect companion for the evening. But warm, iridescent caramel and other beige and brown variants are always a hit.

Here are our make-up tips for green eyes:

  1. So that the eyeshadow lasts as long as possible and does not slip into the crease, first prime with a primer. There’s a well-rated primer here.
  2. Now apply eyeshadow in the darker shade to the movable eyelid and blend it over the crease with your finger or a soft brush. Here you will find a brush set for eye make-up.
  3. A lighter shade in the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow opens the view.
  4. Finally apply the eyelashes. 

Eye makeup to brown eyes

Women with doe eyes have it good: almost all eyeshadow tones look great on them, because brown eyes – similar to gray – are among the neutral colors. And they harmonize with many nuances. For the right make-up for brown eyes, the skin tone often determines the color. Eye shadows in rust, blue and brown look particularly good with warm, olive skin, while taupe and plum tones emphasize the advantages of women with cooler skin types. Gold, sand and apricot are just the right tone for day make-up for both categories. 

Here are our make-up tips for brown eyes:

  1. Apply a soft apricot shade to the movable lid from the inner corner of the eye to the middle and under the eyebrow.
  2. Blend the eye shadow in a shade of rust from the outer corner of the eye to the crease. 
  3. The color can be intensified with a darker shade (e.g. brown).
  4. Tip: For evening make-up, an eyeliner ensures a great look. Pull the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the outer and let it widen towards the back.

Tip: To prevent crumbs of eyeshadow from settling under the eye when applying makeup, make sure that there is not too much eyeshadow on the brush. Before you start applying make-up, tap the brush on the back of your hand so that the excess paint falls off. 

Make-up tips for different eye shapes

Round eyes
Emphasize the outer part of the eyelid with kohl or a dark eye shadow – this visually stretches the eye. Apply light eye shadow to the inner half of the upper eyelid and dark eye shadow to the outer half. In addition, a dark eyeliner can be drawn. It is best to pull this out from the center of the eye. In addition, the eyeliner should be wider on the outside than on the inside. This has the effect of making the eye look wider. By the way, smokey eyes look great with pretty big googly eyes.
Tip: If you have round eyes, please pluck your eyebrows.

Small eyes 
goal is to make the eyes appear larger. The eyebrows should not be too wide, rather pluck a little into a narrower shape, this opens the eye. To optically enlarge the eye, use light or shiny eyeshadow, this makes the eye shine. Dab the light eyeshadow under the eyebrow on the upper eyelid. Then put a little darker eyeshadow into the crease. Use a light-colored kohl pencil for the waterline, this makes the eyes appear larger and more alert. Also, apply ink to both the upper and lower lashes.
Tip:  Stay away from dark eyeshadow – this makes the eyes look smaller.

Deep-set eyes
To emphasize the eyes optically, emphasize the movable lid with a light eye shadow. It is better not to use black eyeliner, but instead use a slightly lighter one, for example in anthracite or brown. This emphasizes the eyes nicely.

Narrow eyes,
use dark eyeshadow on the outer side of the eyelid and light tones on the inner side. So the eyes are drawn apart optically. If you want to draw an upper eyeliner, it is best to start in the middle of the eyelid. Apply the lashes above and below, and apply a little more force towards the upper outer edge, this visually pulls the eyes apart a little more.

Tip:  If you want your make-up to last a long time, you should always use waterproof mascara and the like.

Make up drooping eyelids

Setting the right color for the eyes is one thing. Regardless of the color are drooping eyelids a challenge because it takes some practice when applying the eye makeup. Whether drooping eyelids are a flaw is debatable: Claudia Schiffer, Brigitte Bardot, Eva Green – after all, some of the most beautiful women have them. What is certain is that drooping eyelids can make you look tired quickly. This is because the upper eyelid completely or partially covers the movable lid. It’s partly a disposition, partly a matter of age. When putting make-up on drooping eyelids, the point is to make the eye bigger and to open the gaze.

When putting on make-up, pull the eyelid up with one finger and use a dark eyeshadow to paint the so-called banana in the crease. Blend the semi-arch so that there are no hard edges. The color should be dark because you want to let the drooping eyelids recede with the right make-up technique. You emphasize them with a light color.

Then draw a fine eyeliner on the upper lash line. Then draw a straight line on the lower lash line and connect it with the eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye. A bow-shaped kohl line is disadvantageous for drooping eyelids. Also do not draw a kohl line on the waterline, i.e. on the inner eyelid! An eyelash curler is a must, because lashes that are curved upwards also open the view. Then apply the eyelashes. 

Here are our make-up tips for drooping eyelids:

1. Draw a banana, ie emphasize the crease of the eyelid in a dark tone (e.g. brown) with a beautiful arch. Softly blend the edges.
2. Draw a very fine line of the eyelid on the upper lash line. 
3. Draw a straight line on the lower lash line and connect to the outside with the eyeshadow.
4. Bend the eyelashes upwards with an eyelash curler and then apply an ink to the eyelashes.

Tips for women who wear glasses

In general, wearers of glasses should always pay attention to a good primer: Always use concealer, because glasses can sometimes emphasize dark shadows under the eyes. 

Make-up tips for the farsighted

All farsighted women who wear glasses know the problem: The glasses make the eyes appear larger than they really are. To counteract this, you should make your eyes smaller. Use matte eye shadow and subtle earth, gray or purple tones. Do not apply too much ink to the eyelashes, otherwise they will be emphasized too much by the magnifying glasses and every little lump of mascara will be visible. Better to emphasize the lips instead of the eyes. There you can then choose bright colors.

Make-up tips for nearsighted people

Here the glasses often ensure that the eyes are optically smaller. The glasses for nearsighted people are thicker at the edge of the lens than in the middle. We want to counteract this by trying to make our eyes bigger. Put on shimmering eyeshadow, because it reflects the light and makes the eyes look bigger. You are also welcome to distribute the eyeshadow beyond the edge of the eyelid, this further enhances the effect. It is better not to use an eyeshadow that is too dark and also not to pull the eyeliner too hard.

Include glasses model when applying makeup

When applying make-up, it also depends on what model you have. Is it plain or flashy? If you have eye-catching glasses, make sure to emphasize either the eyes or the lips. With dark frames, it is better to emphasize the lips and only apply the eyelashes, otherwise the eyes could appear too dark. With frameless glasses, it is important to emphasize the eyebrows, as these form a frame for the eyes. It is also nice if you put the lips in the limelight with a chic colored lipstick, since the glasses are not in focus.

Tips for applying eyeliner 

First of all, the credo applies here: Practice makes perfect. The perfect eyeliner can only be achieved with patience and a steady hand. It is best to sit in front of a make-up mirror and support your elbow on the table. This makes it much easier to pull the eyeliner. Now you can place the eyeliner in the middle of the eyelid on the upper lash line and draw a narrow line towards the outer corner of the eye. Then repeat the procedure by drawing the line towards the inner corner of the eye.

If you want the eyeliner to last a long time, it is advisable to put some light-colored eyeshadow on the eyelid beforehand. Beginners when it comes to eyeliner should rather draw many small points along the lash line instead of a complete line and then connect them together. In addition, do not apply mascara until you have applied the eyeliner, as this will make the eyeliner easier to pull. 

Make up smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are simply a real make-up classic and always look good, especially in the evening for special occasions, celebrations or events. They accentuate our eyes and make for a dramatic, sexy appearance. This is how the make-up trend succeeds, which incidentally is easy to implement even for laypeople:

All you need is:  primer , eyeliner, mascara and of course, eye shadow. There are special sets for Smokey eyes with multiple shades. Here you will find a well-rated set .

1. Apply primer to the eyelids. This ensures that the eye make-up lasts longer and conceals small veins.
2. Now apply black eyeliner along the lower and upper lash line.
3. First, apply a light eyeshadow color, for example beige or white, to the immobile eyelid up to the edge of the eyebrows.
4. Now work with a medium smoky eyeshadow shade and apply this to the movable eyelid, the lower lash line and the outer corners of the eye. 
5. Now the black eyeshadow is used: Apply this to the movable lid and a little along the crease of the lid.
6. Then carefully blend the transitions between the light and dark nuances so that the transition does not appear too blatant.
7. And last but not the least, the upper and lower lashes are of course neatly covered. The timeless make-up for the evening is ready!

Which eye make-up is suitable for summer and winter?

In summer, aqua tones such as turquoise, blue or green look good on our lids. Metallic eyeshadow nuances such as gold or copper also look great with tanned skin. If you want to show courage for color, you can really let it rip when it comes to eye make-up, especially in summer. In winter we should rather use more muted eye shadow colors, such as brown, gray, nude tones, a delicate silver or beige. 

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