How to use black soap on the skin?

black soap

A natural product with a thousand virtues, black soap makes it possible to accomplish small miracles on our skin, but not only. You just have to know how to use it.


Recognizable among all thanks to its brown color, black soap is in fact available in two forms. There is a black soap for the body, which will also be called cosmetic black soap or black soap for the face, and there is a household black soap. The latter will then be ultra-efficient for the maintenance of the house. We should therefore not apply household black soap on our soft face.

Cosmetic black soap will come in a pasty, liquid or oily form but also sometimes in a solid form when it is processed. This product with endless possibilities has its origins in the Maghreb and particularly in Morocco.


It is a soap of natural origin. Black toilet soap is made from a mixture of oil and black olives crushed and macerated in salt and potash, a saline ore. Black soap is often compared to Aleppo soap and Marseille soap thanks to their legendary benefits and their distant origin, yet they should not be confused because their use differs.

The origin of Aleppo soap is believed to be in ancient times and, as the name suggests, is made in Aleppo, Syria. Its difference with black soap is its association of nourishing olive oil, which softens the skin, with bay laurel oil which restores the protective film of the skin and has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect. Marseille soap also enjoys many benefits. What differentiates it from black soap is its composition, almost identical to Aleppo soap. It is hypoallergenic and can treat irritations and acne problems. These two soaps are also offered in the form of a solid bar while the black soap is liquid.


A non-irritating soap

Black soap is no exception to its properties. First, the black soap washes. So far nothing surprising, however it does not irritate or strip like large surface soaps might. Be careful, however, for long-term daily use: place the soap in a box in the refrigerator so that it does not dry.

An effective exfoliant

Thanks to the regenerative vitamin E it contains, black soap allows a gentle but effective exfoliation. This technique is widely used in North Africa. Black soap therefore eliminates dead cells and other toxins. The skin renews itself more easily.

A spectacular anti-wrinkle

Black soap has the ability to form a shield for our skin. It hydrates it in depth, which is already a large part of the work of an anti-wrinkle, but also preserves the health of our epidermis thanks to its hydrolipidic film. The skin will remain healthy and protected from external aggressions for a longer time. To benefit from these anti-wrinkle properties, simply apply black soap to your face for 5 minutes every day, then rinse well with clear water. You can of course use your usual skin care products as a supplement.


To use black soap in the shower or as a facial treatment, you must first moisten your skin. We prefer lukewarm or even hot water in order to relax the skin. We grab a bowl with water in it and then add two tablespoons of black soap. The soap is applied in sufficient quantity all over the body or on the desired part (avoiding the eyes) by making small circular movements to activate the properties. It is then left on for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clear water. You can use an exfoliating glove for the body to duplicate the exfoliating effect of the product, then once again rinse thoroughly. You will instantly see a difference with plumper, younger looking skin.


It is possible to use black soap to create ultra effective beauty recipes. In particular, a homemade scrub stimulant that will multiply the power of black soap. To do this, he makes us 42 grams of black soap, 20 grams of argan oil, 0.9 grams of sodium bicarbonate, 33 grams of rhassoul (a natural clay from Morocco) and 25 grams of sugar. We will start by mixing the black soap with the sodium bicarbonate without a small bowl. Once a homogeneous paste has been obtained, delicately add argan oil. We mix, we mix, then little by little we will integrate the rhassoul. The mixture is ready! It is quite possible to add a few drops of essential oil to them to benefit from their purifying or sanitizing properties. When using the scrub, massage well to remove unwanted cells with a horsehair glove then rinse with clear, cool water to tighten the pores. A real hammam treatment!

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