Full lips: the most important information about hyaluronic acid injections


Full lips in less than an hour – sounds fantastic, but lip injections with hyaluronic acid injections also involve some risks. How it works and what can go wrong with it …

Celebrities, beauty bloggers and the many influencers have turned them into hype: splashed, full lips that conjure up a perfect kissable mouth . From Hollywood to Hildesheim, people are posting how easy it is to inject hyaluronic acid on the lips . The procedure, which is booming in cosmetics and beauty studios, should be fast, safe and painless. 

Swelling and bruising are normal

In fact, injecting the lips under does not take much longer than a lunch break and the result is visible shortly afterwards. The effect: the lip volume is greater almost immediately after the injection. Bruises and swellings from the punctures go away after two or three days. They are annoying but harmless, as is numbness after local anesthesia – so the anesthesia is selective. Because the procedure can be painful. However, allergic reactions, asymmetrical lips or hyaluronic nodules rarely occur when an experienced doctor or alternative practitioner uses the injections. You should not rely on a treatment by beauticians – strictly speaking, they are not allowed to inject at all and therefore not perform lip augmentation.

After lip injections, you should avoid or observe the following things:

  • Do not consume any hot drinks or food for at least 4 hours after the treatment.
  • Do not use lipstick or lip balm until the next day.
  • Even if it is difficult – avoid kissing for 24 hours.
  • Only have complex dental treatments carried out about four weeks later.

Do full hyaluronic lips suit everyone?

First plan, then inject, otherwise it will be unnatural. Maybe you just want to correct one lip? Some women have a narrower upper lip in relation to their lower lip, which should just have a little more volume. Before you can splash on your lips, the result should be discussed in detail. After all, booster lips from trendsetters like Kylie Jenner and Co. do not suit every type. Reputable providers therefore advise their customers in detail before they carry out a lip correction or volume build-up. Tip: The ideal ratio of 1 to 2 is the upper to lower lip. Then the new full lips look natural. The lip filler is well tolerated and breaks down again. Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance. It binds water, cushions the skin and is therefore suitable as a filler. It is produced synthetically for spraying on the lips, but is considered well tolerated and is broken down by the body. Therefore, new super lips last a maximum of one year.

Don’t like it? Corrections are always possible

Got too much hyaluronic or has it spread unevenly? Small corrections can be made by re-injecting shortly after the procedure. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the new lips can also undo the action. Then the enzyme hyaluronidase is injected and breaks down the filler in 24 to 48 hours – as is the case with Kylie Jenner, who recently had narrower lips again. Good to know: Spraying on costs around 250 to 400 euros, including small corrections. Some chains offer bargains from 99 euros. Then make sure that a doctor sets the syringes!

Hyaluron: The anti-wrinkle ingredient

For the skin, hyaluronic acid is particularly important against wrinkles . It is part of the connective tissue and, due to its chemical structure, can bind up to six liters of water per gram of its own weight. Hyaluronic acid in creams and serums produced in the laboratory then supplies our skin with moisture from the outside and smoothest wrinkles. The active ingredient can also be injected directly into the folds and plumps up the tissue from the inside. And is used to inject the lips.

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