Full and thick eyelashes – home remedies or cosmetics?


Our eyelashes have important functions for our eyes and face. On the one hand they protect the eye from dust, dirt and sweat drops, on the other hand they make for a nice look. They are essentially responsible for the radiance of the eyes, so it can be said without exaggeration that beautiful, thick and full eyelashes support self-confidence and well-being. However, not every woman has the eyelashes she would like.

On the one hand, their nature depends on the genetic predisposition, which cannot be changed much. On the other hand, it is lifestyle that affects how eyelashes grow and how quickly they fall out and whether they break off prematurely. It is particularly bad for the eyelashes if one constantly attaches artificial copies, the pores of the skin are clogged with mascara and other cosmetics or if one does not remove make-up, which can dry out the eyelashes and break off.

It should also be borne in mind that the body’s own hormones also have an influence on the growth of the eyelashes. They often get thinner and less with age. But there are quite a few things you can do, both home remedies and cosmetic products!

Home remedies vs. Cosmetics for full lashes: who wins?

There is one thing that home remedies and cosmetics have in common, and that is that they have to be used regularly. Since you usually don’t know exactly why your eyelashes are not what you want them to be, it is not that easy to find the perfect home remedy. A cosmetic has the advantage that it usually always works, as it has a direct influence on growth. In terms of prices, the methods differ slightly. Whether you buy an eyelash serum or a high-quality oil, or switch your diet to organic foods, you always have to make a small investment.

The best home remedies for more eyelashes

There are two approaches to home remedies: inside or outside. From within means that you optimize your diet in order to be able to support the whole body. You can achieve a lot by avoiding everyday toxins such as alcohol or nicotine and switching to an organic, wholesome diet, but you need a little patience.

The external applications for the eyelashes include, on the one hand, a regular, gentle massage that promotes blood circulation. This transports nutrients to the eyelashes. In addition, certain products are applied to the lash line that have a natural effect.

These are olive oil, castor oil, coconut milk, green tea or aloe Vera. They all have different active ingredients that are nourishing and beneficial. The application always takes place overnight and you have to wait a few weeks to a few months until results are shown. Cosmetics can score here because they work much faster.

The benefits of an eyelash serum

A serum like Long4Lashes, the Power Formula eyelash serum from Oceanic , has a number of advantages over home remedies because it has been specially made for this purpose. That is why its ingredients are designed in such a way that they can quickly and effectively produce the desired effect. With Long4Lashes, one of the most popular products, it only takes around three weeks for the lashes to be significantly thicker and longer. This serum is made in Central Europe, more precisely in Poland. The company has been on the market for 38 years and was able to establish itself. The eyelash serum is number 1 for many women because they are surprised to find that the eyelashes actually grow significantly stronger and become thicker. It’s almost like a small miracle!

But how does it actually work? The effect comes from the ingredients that we want to take a look at.

The content of Long4Lashes

While home remedies such as oils have a nourishing and nourishing effect and provide moisture, Long4Lashes does just that and more. The key difference is that it contains substances that effectively stimulate eyelash growth.

How do they work? Active peptide complex strengthens the condition of the eyelashes, giving them both density and length. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and smoothes the eyelashes, just like an oil can. Provitamin B5 binds water in the hair structure so that the eyelashes do not dry out and can break off more quickly. Nourishing oils (sweet almond and rice bran oil) – care for the eyelashes from the root. They make the lashes flexible and easy to style. The first effects are already visible after 3 weeks of use and after 4 months you can enjoy the full effect of longer eyelashes. Then one treatment is sufficient that maintains the effect (2-3 serum applications per week). It is the combination of these active ingredients that enables success, because they were put together precisely for this purpose. Know head hair .

Grow, fall out, regenerate: the cycle of an eyelash life

There are three phases in the life of an eyelash:

ANAGEN: The time of growth. Nutrients are absorbed through the skin. An eyelash serum extends this phase, making the eyelashes longer.

KATAGEN: The eyelashes die off. They weaken and then separate from the skin. This phase can take longer with well-nourished lashes because they lose their strength less quickly. Mechanical irritation such as rubbing, the use of artificial eyelashes or incorrect make-up removal can cause eyelashes to fall out or break off more quickly. So this is to be avoided.

TELOGEN: During this time, the hair follicle creates a new eyelash and lets it grow. Just like home remedies, the serum is used in the evening before going to bed and simply applied to the lash line. Contact lenses should be removed beforehand and avoid getting in the eyes. Daily use is a prerequisite for seeing the desired results. After three to four weeks, the eyelashes are longer and fuller. If they are as desired, the remedy can be used three to four times a week to maintain the status quo.

Now who is the winner, home remedies or cosmetics?

One can definitely try the home remedies and see what works best. However, if you want reliable and, above all, quick results, it is best to use an eyelash serum, because it has the perfect composition of ingredients that are not contained in home remedies. Switching to a healthy diet and promoting blood circulation through massages can still be used, because they offer lasting positive change.

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