Better than a cream? My facial gym


These little exercises and massages performed every day will give you a real youthful look .

Regularly practicing facial gymnastics and facial self-massages restores tone to the skin and pep to the supporting muscles of the face. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in the morning or in the evening, the main thing is to choose a time and a place where you are quiet. Then, you have to find a comfortable position, sitting or standing (back straight, shoulders low, head straight) or even lying down, in order to feel as relaxed as possible. Before the massage, apply a moisturizer to soften the tissues or a product designed specifically for the area to be treated (anti-puffiness gel, firming serum, etc.). Finally, breathe in deeply five times. Are you there? Let’s go !


To smooth crow’s feet and tone sagging eyelids (lower and upper). Close your eyes, lids relaxed, then direct your gaze to the root of the nose, in other words, squint! Hold for five seconds. Then slowly open your eyes and fixate on a specific point in front of you. To be done five times.

To erase dark circles and puffiness. Place the ring fingers at an angle under the lower eyelids, at the level of the tips of the cheekbones, then pull gently downwards while trying to firmly close the eyes.

To ease the lion’s wrinkle. Place your middle and ring fingers in the middle of the eyebrows while stretching slightly towards the temples, then try to close your eyes tightly. Hold for five seconds. To be done five times. Between exercises, you can relax the eye by tapping your fingertips all around the eye socket. (Thanks to Mélodie Munier from Maison Dr. Hauschka, Paris-11e.)


To plump the lips. Mouth closed, pinch your lips between your index finger (top) and thumb (bottom). And perform symmetrical mini-pinches from the center of the lips towards the corner. Come back to the middle and repeat for two minutes.

To reduce nasolabial folds . Make small, sharp but gentle pinches between your thumb and forefinger along the nasolabial folds, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the nostrils for two minutes.

To tone the zygomatics. Starting from the corners of the lips, go up towards the hollow of the cheek then towards the external contour of the cheekbones by making small chased with the edge of the thumb. Repeat this trajectory several times (two minutes minimum) and finish by making a pressure point on each side of the face, at the top of the ear, hands on the head. Close your eyes and relax with a deep breath. (Thanks to Marie-Eugénie Verdier from the Institut Biologique Recherche, Paris-8e.)


To erase the double chin. Pronounce the letter X by exaggerating the pronunciation and stretching the corners of the lips as far as possible until you feel all the muscles and tendons of the neck tighten. Hold for five seconds. To be done five times. Between each X, relax your mouth by making several small soft “o” s.

To redraw the oval. Place the thumbs under the chin, then open your mouth by pushing the lower jaw down while maintaining strong resistance with the thumbs. Hold for five seconds. To be done five times.

To lift the cheekbones. Press the hands flat on each side of the face, pronounce an “i” while clenching your teeth and stretching the corners of the mouth as far as possible. Then pull the skin towards the ears. Hold for five seconds. To be done five times. 

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