6 things not to skip to have beautiful eyes


Once you look tired and marked, and all your colleagues ask you if you are sick. To avoid this kind of little disappointment, there is only one solution: take regular care of your eyes. Here are the 6 things not to skip to have beautiful eyes.


60. This is the (significant!) Number of muscles that shape our face. No wonder then that some wrinkles start at the age of 30 (or even earlier, depending on hydration and skin quality). Those we hunt mostly lie around the eyes: crow’s feet and frown lines .

The solution: practice facial gymnastics . To reduce crow’s feet and tone the eyelids, we close the eyelids then we direct our eyes towards the bridge of the nose and hold for five seconds. We finish by opening our eyes and looking straight ahead, five times each day. To erase dark circles, position the ring fingers at an angle under the lower eyelids and pull slightly down while trying to close the eyes. And to soften the frown line, we place the middle fingers and ring fingers in the middle of the eyebrows to slide them towards the temples, trying to close the eyes intensely. Hold for five seconds and repeat five times.


The muscles are done. Now it’s time for hydration. Composed of 70% water, the body needs to be hydrated inside and out to have beautiful skin. We therefore put everything on a good moisturizer and we redouble our vigilance for the eye area. The skin is extremely thin, it is damaged and crumpled more quickly.

The solution: apply morning and evening a cream or an eye contour serum first wrinkles before 30 years old, wrinkles after 30 years and mature skin after 40 years. We also don’t skimp on patches and other fabric masks specially designed for the eyes in order to intensely hydrate and restore instant radiance.


No pretty look without a flawless white eye. Why ? Because this part of the eye (also called sclera or sclera) can, in some people, redden because of the vessels dilated by wearing lenses, swimming, air conditioning, allergens or even tears. This reddened side will then attenuate the beautiful color of our irises and give us a sick or tired look.

The solution: Always consult an ophthalmologist for redness or a doctor if the white of the eye turns yellow (risk of a problem with the liver or the gallbladder). However, cleaning the eye a bit with eye drops can do the trick. The blue drops of Inoxa, for example, are effective because the blue of the solution will capture the red color to bring out the white of the eye. Be careful, the effect is ephemeral and should not be abused.


Having beautiful eyes also means having healthy eyelashes. And good news: everyone can get a doe gaze.

The solution: opt for a castor oil cure for a month, applied to the eyelashes or use it as a daily eye makeup remover. Beautiful eyelash bangs guaranteed!


If castor oil isn’t enough for you, however, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Length, curvature, density… anything is possible.

The solution :first, hygiene. It is essential to change your mascara every one or two months to avoid constantly applying accumulated bacteria that may cause conjunctivitis. We also make sure to automatically change our product after an eye infection. On the practical side, we absolutely stop the small fast comings and goings of the stick in the mascara tube under penalty of drying it out very quickly. We can also opt for an eyelash curler, to be done before applying mascara and only if our eyelashes are healthy (thanks to the castor oil). Finally, if that is still not enough, there are temporary false eyelashes in the form of small feather dusters or large fringes and / or false eyelashes at an eye care professional. In this case, it is the budget and the holding time that differ.


No matter how much you pamper your eyes, the look will always be dull if our eyebrow line is not maintained. Because they are the ones who participate in giving character to our face.

The solution: we pluck our eyebrows without modifying our line and if they are too long we cut in small and several steps . We can very well go to a professional eye before going alone to learn the basics and gestures that best suit our eyes. Once this work is done, we invest in an eyebrow kit to sculpt them well.

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