5 tips to naturally boost skin collagen production


Collagen is naturally present in our body. A real cement, it plays an important role in the elasticity, firmness and renewal of cells. Collagen is found in the skin at the level of the dermis but also in the nails, hair and bones. Over time, it becomes scarce.

From the age of 20 , the quality and quantity of collagen produced decrease. The fall would accelerate from the age of 30. Depending on your genetic makeup, your lifestyle, the fall will be more or less rapid. Hence the need to preserve and boost this natural cellular “glue”.

Hydration, the secret to beautiful skin

If you are dehydrated, your epidermis will likely be dehydrated as well, resulting in skin that may be drier, less radiant and that may show fine lines from dehydration. For fresh, plumped skin, hydration begins from within . Remember to drink enough water, about 1.5 liters per day, and do not hesitate to consume foods rich in water such as cucumber, watermelon, zucchini, tomato….

Opt for treatments based on collagen and hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid and collagen form a winning duo in the fight against aging. Both present in the dermis, they support the skin tissue. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, plumps up wrinkles while collagen provides strength and firmness to the skin. For effective anti-wrinkle care, make sure it contains hyaluronic acid and active ingredients capable of boosting collagen production.

Boost Collagen Through Diet

Diet is one of the keys to boosting collagen production. A deficiency in vitamins and minerals decreases the presence of collagen in the body. Do not hesitate to put vitamin C on the menu (citrus fruits, red fruits, green vegetables and sprouted seeds). it boosts the synthesis of collagen; zinc (seafood, egg yolk, soy) essential for the production of collagen; vitamin E (avocado, oleaginous, wheat germ oil), the antioxidant neutralizes the free radicals responsible for the destruction of collagen.

Against facial wrinkles, focus on self-massage

Incorporating massage into your beauty routine helps fight facial wrinkles. The massage tones the muscles, stimulates the blood microcirculation and the production of collagen.

Our tip: On a daily basis, to fight against the appearance of facial wrinkles, apply your cream by smoothing from the inside to the outside and light tapping all over your face using an upward movement rather than descending.

Beware of toxins

Eating well and using the appropriate care will not be enough if you do not protect your skin from external aggressions such as the sun, tobacco and pollution. If you expose yourself, use a suitable SPF; stop or reduce tobacco which destroys collagen fibers; protect your skin with an anti-pollution cream during your aperitifs on the terrace, your running sessions and outings by bike in town.

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